Sunday, November 25, 2007

A simple touch...

I sat on the floor of the large living room, covered in small scratches after a run through thickets of briars and sticks. Salve from a large jar lay beside me. The man across the room looked at me with a kind of deep desire, weirdly willing me to look at him as my hand applied the salve to my feet. He spoke to me but I could not comprehend his words. I was oddly attracted to his deep set green eyes and light short brown hair. His mouth moved slowly and when he realized my confusion he crossed the distance and leaned down to whisper in my ear..
"You look lovely even with the scratches." with those quick words he lay the most gentle kiss upon my neck, so slight that no one in the room noticed. His action made me immediately aware that there were dozens of people in the room, they were all moving about quickly to get different things accomplished. A man at the door moved coats and bags to the staircase, a young girl sat at the oversized blue couch and painted her fingernails, and others worked at small tasks in every area of my sight.
The man whose lips had stirred my attention now sat in front of me on his knees, his fingers dipped into the salve and with the slightest of smiles he began to apply it to the other foot. I began to protest, but my neck still tingled from his first touch. It was as though all my senses had awakened, his fingers were gentle even though his hands were rather large and the comfort I felt took me by surprise. A rushing met my ears and the questions ran like fire through my brain. Who was this man? How did I come to be running through the woods? Where am I?

Before I could speak he had moved to my side, sitting there beside me we watched every one else...

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